The Three Sisters

Sharing these images is vitally important. I love history – and places like this evoke such profound memories. The Marin Headlands have seen the passage of civilizations, conquerors, wars, and advancements that boggle the mind. The evidence of this history is scattered throughout this beautiful landscape, but some of the landmarks are deteriorating or disappearing. In an effort to prevent them from being completely lost, I hope to capture them in my photos and maybe even inspire you to see these amazing places for yourself!

Buildings 960, 961 and 962 also know as “the three sisters” are located in the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco. They were built in 1907 as part of the coast artillery structures by the U.S Army and part of Fort Barry. Building 960 was the Quartermaster warehouse that served as a non ordinance storage for many years. Building 962 was a bakery that was converted into a crew ready building serving the Nike site SF-88L.

The Headlands Center for the Arts acquired the buildings in 1994, signing a 20 years lease agreement with the National Parks Service. This agreement made it possible to renovate and bring them up to code being completed in February 1999. Building 960 now houses Headlands’ Affiliate Artist Program.

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